Tippy Agogo with the Jeevious Family June 15

Tippy Agogo with the Jeevious Family June 15

Tippy Agogo

TIPPY AGOGO, the "One Man Orchestra" & Mouth Musician, is known throughout the free world for making beautiful, scary, heavy, & insightful music on reclaimed tin cans, broken guitars, & racks full of technological gadgetry. He performs for children, punk rockers, folkies, metal heads, electro-heads, high brows, low brows, & all those in-between! TIPPY has five albums with notables, ( & a book, "in the gr00ve", adjudicated by the Royal Conservatory) : SOUL-O-WORKS, INCANTOS, HOLY CROW, CREEP FORWARD & the self titled debut album from his latest collaborative project, 'AMOEBA COLLECTIVE', & he appears on countless albums of other notable players & dj's!! His most recent solo album, Creep Forward (S-O-W II) is compiled from his sound design for theatre, film, & multimedia. Some of this work includes tracks from his award-winning "Lion in the Streets" & "The Oedipus Project", as well as live & studio recordings from his travels at home & abroad.

TIPPY has performed on albums with artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, SNFU, German Techno/Industrial Bands, Sun God, Aurora Sutra, Ed Ka-spel (Legendary Pink Dots), and a host of other famous people. He tours constantly. He wins awards for his soundtracks for film and theatre projects. He makes his mother proud.


Jeevious Family

Jeevious Family Gee-Vee-Us noun
Fermented magic mushroom moonshine music from the back hills of Hemp County
(AKA Intergalactic Space Folk)




Event Information

06-15-2024 8:00 pm
(Clubhouse closes early if not attended)
06-16-2024 1:00 am
Individual Price Members $10 / Guests $15
Location Roberts Creek Legion #219

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